Fans of the Past


The center block, a found block from an unknown quilter, was provided as part of a challenge. The fan blocks came from my Grandmother’s leftovers. She was well known for her prolific quiltmaking. I felt a satisfying connection to my Grandmother and other quilters from the past as I constructed this quilt from vintage fabrics and trims.


One more block done


IMG_4465What I thought would be easy enough–making one block a day in the Splendid Sampler sew-along–lasted one day. Until today! This pattern called for an embroidered motif in the center. I had a piece of tatted lace that my sister-in-love Marie had made some time ago. Unfortunately it had gotten stained and set aside, waiting to be useful. It was the perfect size and shape for this block! I used sharpie markers and alcohol to dye it. I like the result!

More New Projects


So, instead of getting any of the old projects finished, I’ve quilted a project for a friend and she is pleased. A group of us got together and made a quilt top to donate to Birthright. It’s a really cute and bright hugs and kisses quilt. I’ll get a picture when it’s finished.

Not what I had planned but satisfying and good things are done!

New Projects


In one of my quilt guilds, the president has challenged us to complete unfinished projects this year. She asked us to submit a list of projects. Then, as we finish projects, we bring them for show and tell at the monthly meeting. She has a point system with prizes at the end of the year. I’m not looking for prizes but I consider this a good way to make progress on projects I’d like to see completed!

So far I have started and completed a new purse for myself–not an unfinished project from the list, but a satisfying accomplishment. I used ByAnnie’s Soft and Stable to give it body and stability. I also upcycled some parts from old purses. I’m pleased with the results.2016-02-13 17.06.46

This morning I started another new project. This is a year-long project called Splendid Sampler. Over 80 quilt designers have compiled 100 six inch blocks that will be released one at a time twice a week. This sounds like something I can keep up with. The first block is a heart, perfect for Valentine’s Day.At least I am on track for today!


As for the unfinished projects? Maybe later….

Changed Plans


It seems like every time I make plans lately they get changed. The surprisingly pleasant thing is that usually the changed plans are better than the original ones! My conclusion is that God’s plans for me are much better than my own.

The most recent change was precipitated by a medical condition. We had to cancel plans to fly which meant we were home to prepare for the impending blizzard instead of coming home just before it started. I’m sure our stress and anxiety levels would have soared had we been away from home! Big blessing!

2016-01-24 08.54.13

Time for a change


Since I had to take the clock down in my sewing room to change the time today, I decided to make the “Quilt in a Clock” kit that I purchased at Quilt Odyssey in July from Dianne Springer Designs. The kit included acrylic sheets cut for front and back, the clock and battery. I found a lonesome quilt block, quilted it and put the clock together. Now I can see a finished project and an enjoyable addition to my workspace! 


Steamed Eggs


Who knew! The easiest way to make hard or soft cooked eggs is to steam them. Gil, my sweet husband, found a video showing this technique and we tried it several times. You boil water in a pan with a steamer, add cold eggs, steam 6 minutes for soft, 12 minutes for hard cooked and that’s it! The duck eggs take about a minute less than chicken.

There are several videos on the internet showing the same technique so I’m not doing one. We are going to have some deviled eggs!

Morning mist


2015-09-01 06.36.45

This morning we walked toward the mist. It looked like we would enter the mist but it was elusive. The quiet was broken only Watkins8by cicadas and our occasional words. It was a lovely, cool start to a very warm day. As we walked I remembered this little quilt I made in a workshop with Lauren Kingsland. She showed us how to draw the design and couch it with a single piece of yarn. Yes, it is one continuous line. The button in the center is from my great-aunt’s collection. I quilted it with my serger using an overlock stitch. I call it “Healing Meditation”.